Why Infocuz ?

To effectively manage growing HR needs, most organizations require extra HR support, whether they have their own HR department or not. This extra support may be required for a short term, for a particular project, in a specialized area of HR, or for establishing strategic HR objectives.

Through value-creating methodologies and processes, we provide your organization with the highest levels of HR expertise on-demand, and without your need to hire dedicated staff, by working in partnership with you to provide cost-effective quality solutions to your HR needs.

Working With You

  • What differentiates Infocuz HR from other Companies?

    At Infocuz HR, our focus is solely human resources and our clients have direct access to experienced HR professionals who help them not only create, but also assist in implementing effective solutions for their unique workplace challenges.

  • Why should our company outsource any of our current human resource
    functions or projects?

    Outsourcing any of your human resource functions or projects allows you to gain access to immediate resources and experience that are not currently within your organization. This allows you to develop effective HR functions for your company, without having to increase your HR staff or incur greater expenses.

  • Would Infocuz HR be replacing my current HR staff or management ?

    We are here to support your Company’s current HR resources and assist them with their Human Resource functions based specifically on their needs. We also help reduce costs by assisting organizations who may have limited resources.

  • What size companies do you typically work with ?

    Whatever the size of the organization, Infocuz HR has the expertise and the right team to support their unique needs and challenges.

  • To do business with Infocuz HR, is there a long term contract required ?

    Terms of contract with Infocuz HR depends on the nature of assignment that we support companies with. Contract term could vary from a short term single assignment to a long term continued support.

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